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FXFINPRO CAPITAL: MT4 and Protrader: what is the difference and what is better?


An acute problem for all traders is choosing the correct trading platform. Some have traded for years with the aid of the same terminal without considering any other options. Is this right or not? On the one hand, if you are used to a certain platform, you will benefit from your familiarity with it. On the other hand, though, time moves inexorably forward and new technologies which are inevitably more advanced appear to replace older ones. Thus, there is the risk that by sticking with the familiar, we may miss the opportunity experiencing innovation. Should we look for new possibilities or is it better to stick to the tried and trusted? Obviously there is no simple answer…

Modern multifunctional trading platforms allow us to obtain all the economic information we need and to trade on a real-time basis in different markets: Forex, CFD, Futures and Stocks. FXFINPRO Capital Company avoids setting limits to its clients in terms of certain terminal choices. Today, by means of the MetaTrader it is possible to trade a wide range of financial instruments in different markets. We also present a unique Protrader platform providing truly unlimited possibilities. In this article we analyze the possibilities of both platforms, and in such a way give you the opportunity to decide what the best choice is for you. The comparison is based on the following criteria: technologies, order execution and additional possibilities.


Metatrader 4

The popular universal Metatrader 4 platform is not only designed for making deals. With MT4 you can successfully use various methods of technical analysis and follow the latest economic news. A wide range of indicators is at your disposal, and you can add new ones on your own or even develop them yourself.

The undeniable advantage of the FXFINPRO MT4 (Metatrader 4) platform is a wide range of functions and settings. Stability and safety of the terminal is ensured by regular updates. A convenient multi-language interface as well as the possibility of indicator color selection makes MT4 flexible, convenient and easy-to-use. Not only this, you can also turn on the automatic trade mode, and the program will make deals based on your settings without your active participation. This, in turn, minimizes your risks by excluding the human factors of emotions, psychological pressure, etc.)

Brokerage companies provide terminals that can differ. All additional functions are written in MQL4 programming language in the form of special scripts. The possibilities of this service are infinite. You can also buy ready solutions to aid you in solving your tasks.

1. Reports. A comprehensive detailed millisecond report on all historical prices. There is price unification for demo and real traders. We would also like to note a convenient graphic report on ticks for each period of time. This ensures transparency in terms of all existing events and prices.

2. Technologies. As of today, four terminals are available. All these terminals are connected to the common trading server with high performance and stability in case of abrupt market movements. You can conduct your financial affairs with your regular communication devices:

  • PC.
    • iOS cell phone (iPhone or iPad). 3.
    • Android smartphones and tablet PC.

  • 3. Additional possibilities:

  • A wide variety of the terminal interface settings.
    • A built-in chat service.
    • A convenient news service.
  • After this analysis of the basic features of the Metatrader, we would like you to take a look at the features of the unique Protrader terminal.


    If you want to develop your own business, enter new financial markets and receive a stable income, then Protrader is what you need. The unified multimarket platform is available in different versions for your convenience.


    1. Technologies:

    • PC.
    • Protrader WEB application. With this application you can trade directly over the Internet as it is independent of the operating system. If you don’t have time or possibility to install the terminal on your PC, you can open any browser and begin trading. With the Protrader WEB application you can manage algorithmic strategies. The built-in functionality enables you to start and control MQL4 and C# scripts.
    • The Protrader MOB mobile version for mobile devices. No matter where you are, if you have Internet connectivity, then you have access to Forex, CFD, stocks, options, and futures. With the notification service you can always keep abreast of your positions, accounts, and price movements.

    2. Execution of trading orders. All orders and deals are processed automatically in any market situation. In speaking about the Protrader, we mean the multithreading model of processing orders which ensures high performance and a low probability of the system going down in the event of abnormal market movements.

    • Closing opposite orders (no spread).
    • Low marginal requirements.

    3. Additional possibilities:

    • Trading from charts and changing orders in the charts;
    • The Market Depth panel shows Level II quotes;
    • Saved Orders is a highly convenient tool to place several orders at a time;
    • Algostudio module allows you to create strategies in C# and MQL4 languages;
    • A vast number of the built-in indicators allows you to perform technical analysis of any level of complexity.
    • MAM (Multi Account Management) is a module developed specially for professional managers.

    A comparison of the two terminals shows that Protrader possesses far greater possibilities than Metatrader. However, this isn’t to say that the MT4 is essentially inferior. On the contrary, Metatrader is one of the most popular terminals, and this is quite understandable: people have been dealing with this platform for years.


    And finally, MT4 and Protrader can be compared with the products of Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft began production much earlier and gained an initial market advantage. However, Apple changed the traditional perception of both computer technologies and software forever and gained a large market share of devotees due its unique products. Both approaches are good depending on what you need and what you are used to.

    If you are in doubt and find it difficult to choose a terminal, FXFINPRO Capital recommends that you download both platforms and see which you feel more at ease with. To do this, you need to sign in following the link and download the terminals.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service will be happy to assist you at any time.

    Keep moving forward, don’t believe that what you have achieved so far is all that you can achieve. You cannot even imagine what new things lie ahead.

    There is something to think about.

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