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FXFINPRO CAPITAL: Structured product is a choice of a serious investor.

You are probably very well familiar with the term " structured product." You will surely hear about these products once you turn on Bloomberg News or visit a website of a large investment company. As of today, this sector is developing very rapidly and a lot of serious people just can't wait to get their hands on it. Others think that once they have put their money into a bank, their risks have been warded off, and their profit is fully secured. However, this idea of yield and safety is currently outdated. World financial crises clearly demonstrate the flaws of the banking sector. Today, you have the opportunity to thoroughly secure your capital and still maintain a large profit.

Don't believe it? Today we're going to prove to you it's true!

But in the beginning, let's designate what structured products really are and why they are so popular today.
A structured product is an investment portfolio made up of two parts:
The first is a protected part (usually 75-95% of the capital), which is invested into a safe asset with a known yield, such as bank deposits and bonds.

The second is an unprotected part (about 5-25% of the capital), which is invested into a high-risk asset with a chance of a very high yield, such as futures and stocks.

Thus, the investor gets a guaranteed amount of money in return (usually 100% of their initial capital, however a different number may be chosen), plus a return on the high-risk investment.
This is the classic understanding of a structured product, however today, investment companies offer their clients ready-made portfolios whose yield will depend on a change in the price of a certain asset. You can find these portfolios at a very affordable price.

Despite this, we observe the opposite trend. Normally, the more capital you attract, the higher dividends you can expect. But when it comes to structured products you may be able to find some very inexpensive solutions.

Professional portfolio managers in FXFINPRO Capital have developed several types of high-yield portfolios, due to the many years of experience behind their belt. This is math and there can be no mistakes. Thousands of people around the world see the high potential in investing in these products. There must be a reason for that!

Let's review an example of a realized portfolio based on a fully-protected instrument with the initial capital of $500,000.

For the protected part, the government bonds of Brazil at an 11% rate of return were chosen. According to the calculations, $450,450 must be invested in this part to get $49,549 (11%) return at the end of the period. That's enough to fully recover the capital.
This means, we can invest $49,500 in the unprotected part. An exchange-traded fund with the highest potential, which includes the stocks of the Brazilian companies, was chosen for the unprotected part.

The year's results showed that the unprotected part grew by 46.11%, which, accounting for the leverage, yields $114,122. Thus, the portfolio grew to $614,122, or 22.82% of the initial capital.
As we can see, with the condition of a full capital protection, the investor could obtain a profit that exceeds the banks' year-average return rate by many times.

Not surprisingly, a lot of investment companies would wager their capital on structured products. As the long practice demonstrates, this is a unique way to get a superprofit without risks, particularly if we're talking about the instruments with full protection.

If you are a serious investor and a man of principal, who knows how to weigh your risks and gains, you will see the obvious fact that structured products are the best investment solution of the past 10 years.

The FXFINPRO Capital company will help you achieve your financial freedom, increase your yield and permanently change your perception about investments.

No time to waste!
Let's make money together right here and right now!

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The CIF license of PFX Financial Professionals Ltd has been suspended by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission until the 24th of December 2016. Please click here