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JForex - automatic forex trading software is a convenient multi-functional platform that provides maximum transaction speed and offers an astounding range of instruments for technical analysis.

The unique automated forex trading software - JForex allows you to track exchange rates as well as transaction sizes in the world markets, and also shows the bids posted by other traders and market makers. This platform is perfect for both manual and automated trading, for conservative long-term investors and for day traders.

  • Innovative software solutions used in JForex sets a higher standard of performance: All rates are shown in real time, you can be certain that your price movements are up-to-date.
  • Intuitive interface allows traders to fully customize the platform according to their style, time frame, and market. JForex is extremely flexible.
  • Selection of ready-to-use technical analysis indicators has never been that wide: over 200 items available! All indicators are offered for both manual and automatic trading. You can also create and use your own indicators.
  • Create and move orders at the click of a button! Easy trading based on plots, support of almost all types of market, limit, and OCO orders makes trading in JForex both a profitable and comfortable experience.
  • Track the activity of other traders using the order book: you can see up to 10 bid and offer price levels. This gives you a huge upper hand in your trades. You can use this information for your strategy or create your own orders.
  • Stay up-to-date with all the latest events in the market: the platform features a built-in interactive economic calender and real-time updates on Dow Jones index.
  • Trade using robots or expert advisors : you can create your own strategies and indicators using Java programming. Create and test your strategies using the provided historic tick data.

Automated forex trading software – JForex

Download the multi-functional trading platform JForex - automated forex trading software and install it on your computer. This is the best decision for both traders who trade on their own, and long-term investors who profit from the unique products of FXFINPRO CAPITAL. This platform installs within a few minutes, is quick to start and takes up minimal PC resources.

JForex offers a large set of solutions for day trading, creating and tracking medium-term transactions, as well as for conservative investments in Forex. Modern instruments of technical analysis allow you to develop an efficient plan and see the full picture to confirm your trading signals.

Automated forex trading software - JForex features tens of ready-to-use solutions based on time-proven reliable indicators. You can also place orders in the book at the most favorable rates. For traders specializing in automated trading, this platform offers an integrated environment for development and testing of strategies, creating personal advisors and trading robots in Java.

Use the opportunities of the modern platform JForex WEB to trade from any part of the world that has access to the Internet. This platform can be used from any browser: trade from an Internet cafe or from work using Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, FireFox, or Safari.

JForex WEB is optimized for instantaneous access so you won't have to spend any time on downloads and installations. Moreover, this unique platform has modest computer requirements and can run on most PC's. At the same time, the functionality of JForex WEB allows you to use your standard instruments of technical analysis, open and close transactions at the click of a button, track your trading account, and manage entry orders.

Simple intuitive interface adapts to the screen of any size and resolution. You can tile the plots in your preferred way and save the settings. JForex WEB will provide you with a fully customized workspace anywhere you are.

This version of the platform was developed to increase the efficiency of manual trading in Forex. If you don't use robots or automated strategies, then we recommend you to trade through JForex JAVA platform, which is optimized for the most efficient classic trading and long-term investing.

With JForex JAVA, you will never have to fumble through numerous windows in search of important information or browse through the settings you will never really need. This innovative approach resulted in a simpler, faster, and more efficient platform. Price movements and progress on orders are shown in real-time in JForex JAVA so that traders can open and close positions at the most profitable rates.

You can master this platform in a few minutes. JForex JAVA offers a wide selection of instruments for technical analysis built into the platform and an option to load more indicators. The platform supports an OCO function and all types of market and entry orders. Orders can be posted and moved at the click of a button.

We live in an age of a mobile technology boom where tablets and smartphones have become normal traders' tools. Use the mobile version of JForex to literally fit the currency market into the palm of your hand.

This platform represents a unique blend of minimalism that allows trading and analyzing from a mobile device and rich functionality almost as good as the full version. Now a small screen of your cell phone can help you make big money in the world financial markets.

JForex for mobile applications is fully compatible with iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), as well as Android smartphones and tablets. This platform is extremely easy to use and fast to install. It supports all types of Internet connection (EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi) and automatically adjusts the data stream according to your bandwidth.

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