General questions about the company and service

We recommend that you consider the following basic aspects:

  • Do you have any experience, knowledge and skills in this area?
  • Do you have enough time for self-education and work?
  • Do you have the right capital that would allow you to adequately manage risks while following the rules?

For example, if you have over $50,000 of ready-to-invest capital, but have no time to work with it by yourself, you can consider investing in stocks of leading global manufacturers as a target market. To do so, you will need to register as our client and open a special account to trade on stock market. Our MARKET MONITOR service, along with the analytics and bulletin distributed among our clients via FXFINPRO CAPITAL NEWSLETTER service, will help you to figure out, what and when shall you buy or sell.

Besides, you can use any of the specialized professional services available online, for you to put together and run a smart portfolio of stocks. Working with such portfolio as described above, will take approximately 2-3 hours of your time per day. If you follow the basic principles of risk management, diversification of investments is a proven method to lower your risks. Alternatively, you may consider investing into STRUCTURED INVESTMENT PRODUCTS or PAMM-accounts managed by various traders, or place your funds under professional management as part of the ENTRUSTED MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES service.

For example, if you have sufficient capital for investment, abide by conservative investment principles and have no time for it whatsoever, you should consider services from the LONG-TERM INVESTMENT section.

On the other hand, if you have enough time, but lack the capital needed for fully professional work with financial instruments, we recommend you to start with small size accounts and trading positions using affordable instruments that best suit your situation, which you may select in MARKETS AND TARIFF section. After acquiring necessary trading skills, you can always move towards trading more professional instruments and managing larger amounts.

Everyone may have different backgrounds, and we are willing to help you by offering a professional advice.

Risk Warning: We would like to remind you that although trading of derivatives on margin may offer many benefits, it is important to note that it also carries a high level of risk. Please click here to read our full‘Risk Disclosure’ and ‘Risk Disclosures for Financial Instruments & Investment Services’.

We are proud that we can offer our clients a truly professional platform, such as FXFIN Protrader. You can find general information about its capabilities on the platform page. You can also download detailed users guide via that same page or by simply clicking here.

Despite brokerage services market being filled with good (and not so good) offerings of services, platforms and fees, we concentrate on some important advantages and peculiarities of FXFINPRO Capital service.

  • We are a brokerage company, working under European legislation and abiding the rules of European Securities Regulators. Please read more, in the ABOUT COMPANY section.
  • FXFIN Protrader is a professional platform that allows experienced traders to use quality toolset for trading and analysis. Those who trade using algorithm systems, will find useful the ALGOSTUDIO module of the platform, which allows to design, test and optimize your trading strategies and put them to use with real accounts. This module also understands indicators and trading strategies written in MQL4 (popular MetaTrader language). Those who use visual analytic tools, may use a wide selection of graphic tools with flexible settings. Those using various mathematical indicators, will enjoy the wide variety of basic indicators as well as an opportunity to import external ones. Platform provides unique opportunities and alert system, which allows you to receive event alerts in accordance with your scenario. It might include crossings of various levels, trend lines, indicator levels, etc. Alert system is tied to your e-mail.
  • Possibility to work with all major global markets within FXFIN Protrader platform. It gives experienced traders an excellent opportunity to use the advantages of diversification and monitoring adjacent or correlating markets to the fullest extent possible. By managing your portfolio within a single platform, you receive an advantage of additional trading financing. For example, you may obtain additional financing to work with futures market instruments, secured by your liquid stock portfolio, etc. You can speed up the movement of funds between your trading accounts without wasting time on intermediate transfers between bank accounts.
  • If a professional trader is ready to confirm his average trading volumes, we would be willing to provide exclusive trading conditions on all sets of instruments.
  • If you have your own best practices and proven trading skills, you can offer your services to all of our customers and to us. Our specialists will help you open a PAMM-account or provide you with an access to a specialized MAM-module, which allows to manage a number of investors’ accounts simultaneously. We pay close attention to working with experienced and promising professionals, and you can learn more about our offers in a section FOR EXPERIENCED TRADERS.
  • Our company is always willing to discuss personal terms of cooperation and consider your interest to the fullest extent possible.

Risk Warning: We would like to remind you that although trading of derivatives on margin may offer many benefits, it is important to note that it also carries a high level of risk. Please click here to read our full‘Risk Disclosure’ and ‘Risk Disclosures for Financial Instruments & Investment Services’.

FXFINPRO Capital offers its clients access to the following markets through its multimarket platform FXFINPRO Trader Workstation:

  • Trading shares and securities, as well as exchange traded funds (ETFs) on such global exchanges as NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX (USA), TSX (Canada), LSE (Great Britain), Deutsche Boerse (Germany), Euronext Paris (France), SAX (Sweden), OBX (Norway), HESE (Finland), WSE (Poland), AEX (Netherlands), Chi-X (Europe), HKX (Hong Kong), SGX (Singapoure), MICEX/RTS (Russia). Click here to read more about terms and fees.
  • Trading futures and options on futures on such global exchanges as ICE Group (USA, Europe, Canada), CME Group (USA), EUREX (Europe), LME (Great Britain), NYSE, LIFFE (USA, Europe), HKFE (Hong Kong), TOCOM (Japan ), SFE (Australia), SBOE (USA), SGX/SiMEX (Singapore), FORTS (Russia). Click here to read more about terms and fees.

We offer our clients access to a number of instruments of such OTC markets as FOREX and CFD via our trading platform FXFINPRO MT4. Click here to read more about the list of instruments, terms and fees.

Our company is interested in success and profitability of our clients, as it ensures our profits from brokerage service fees. We are not interested in our clients loosing and leaving the markets. Therefore we recommend every beginner trader to start with adequate assessment of his skills and capabilities, as well as to figure out realistic expectations regarding his or her work with financial instruments. First and foremost, it’s managing risks and systematic approach, which presumes position and capital management.

To familiarize beginner traders with the basics of working on the markets, we offer a great deal of learning materials in our EDUCATION section. After initial acknowledgement with the information, we suggest that you try your trading skills using demo accounts, while following the rules of risk and capital management. After you start gaining some stability in your early results, you can try your hand on the markets that do not require significant initial investments to start actual trading. It can be instruments of OTC markets, where one can work with small size positions (for example, FOREX instruments have positions starting at 0.1 lots). This approach allows you to move from demo accounts to working with actual money, without risking significant capital investments. Besides, it allows you to reinforce your personal trading skills and systems that you can later use working with larger amounts. It is essential to understand that your major goal working with such actual accounts with small size positions, is to strengthen your trading skills, rather than to make your living using the large leverage. Stock exchanges and exchange traded futures markets are professional markets that require significant capital investments and rigid risk management. Therefore you should only start mastering them after you get theoretical knowledge and practical experience of trading with small size accounts.

First of all, you need to register a Personal Profile. Such registration automatically includes you into our trading systems and you will receive a starting demo account. You will receive a message with further instructions to the e-mail address you provide at registration, including Login details and URL for setting up trading platforms. In future, shall you require adding funds to you demo account or opening additional similar account, you can do so via your Personal Profile by following the link “OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT”.
By default, you receive demo accounts for FOREX and CFD upon registration of your Personal Profile, which allows you to learn the features of trading platforms and working with the tools. There is no expiry date for demo account.

For our customers’ convenience, FXFINPRO Capital designed and implemented an incremental model for opening and managing trading accounts and platforms:

  • Demo account. In the early stages, when getting to know our services and features of trading platforms, the client gets an opportunity to open and test a demo account without expiration date. To do so, you need to register a Personal Profile. At this stage only minimal information is required, including e-mail address, to which a notification about opening a demo account will be sent. This stage gives you an opportunity to learn the options and features of trading platforms and Personal Profile;
  • Real “WALLET” account. After you learn the features and make up your mind, you can open an actual account directly from your Personal account. To do so, click on the “OPEN WALLET” link and follow instructions on that page. After filling out necessary forms and providing required documents, a “cash” account will be approved and opened for you. Such account is used for all cash transactions related to transfer and withdrawal of funds, between you and our company. This account is called the “WALLET” and is not used directly for client’s trading activities. You can add or withdraw funds to and from this account through your bank. Also you can transfer funds from this account to any investment program or trading account on one of the markets;
  • Real trading account. As soon as you make a decision about which instruments and on what markets you are going to trade, you should open a trading account. To do so, click on the “OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT” link and select a market (stock market and ETF, futures and options markets, Forex and CFD);
  • By filling out the relevant forms with required additional information and getting acknowledged with the Terms of Use, you file an application to open a relevant trading account, which will be opened within one business day. Please pay attention to minimal trading capital requirements for particular types of accounts. You can find such information in section “MARKETS AND TARIFFS”, subsection “Terms of trading”, in the relevant instrument group;
  • Investment account. These accounts are opened for those clients, who are willing to invest their money in STRUCTURED INVESTMENT PRODUCTS and ENTRUSTED MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES. Such types of accounts are opened for our clients on individual basis, as a result of their direct negotiations with our specialists regarding terms and options of working under such investment programs. To apply for participation in such investment programs you shall follow the link to the relevant product from your Personal account and fill out the request form. After providing additional information and acknowledging yourself with the Terms of Use, you file an application to open a relevant account and your personal account manager will contact you within one business day;
  • PAMM-account for investors. This group implies your investment into special Percent Asset Management Module (PAMM) accounts, managed by outside traders. You can learn more about this investment model, its opportunities and rankings on the following pages; PAMM ACCOUNTS and PAMM ACCOUNTS RANKING. Subscription and participation, as well as future exit from such accounts, take place “live”, directly from your Personal account. After selecting an account you like, from the PAMM-accounts rankings, you may proceed with subscribing to it right away.
  • PAMM-account for traders. Accounts from this group are opened for professional traders, qualified as professional account managers, who may offer their professional services to the public. Trader has no opportunity to administer or withdraw any funds from such account. He or she can only manage it within the limits of conditions set forth. All preliminary work and consultations between our company professionals and potential PAMM-account managers, take place in accordance with terms and conditions, specified in section FOR EXPERIENCED TRADERS on our website.

Being a brokerage company with European regulation (learn more in ABOUT COMPANY section), FXFINPRO Capital offers weighted and professional services of the highest quality. First of all, we are ready to patiently work, teach and consult our clients about all specific issues related to investments and active trading. We understand that every client has his or her own value system and risk assessment, unique vision and understanding of purposes and opportunities of financial instruments. Therefore we have made the widest possible list of offerings for all types of clients, from traders with little capital and experience to professional investors with big sums available and long-term investment plans. Our service model is designed to give our clients an opportunity to work with different instruments on the basis of portfolio management, thus allowing for maximum diversification of inevitable risks. That being said, we provide a high quality access based on a professional platform.

There is a comprehensive model in place that ensures the safety of our client’s funds.
  1. Safety on the level of servicing client accounts. All money of our clients are kept on separate, so-called segregated accounts. It is a regulatory requirement we must control and obey, and it means that all of our clients’ funds are stored on segregated accounts and never get mixed up with the brokerage firm’s capital.
  2. Safety on the level of legislative regulation and control from a direct regulator. FXFINPRO Capital is a trademark and registered trade name of PFX Financial Professionals LTD. This company is registered as a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF, Registration number 237840) and possesses the license from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission №193/13. PFX Financial Professionals LTD is regulated by Cyprus Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law dated 2007 (Law №144(I) / 2007) and by MiFID (EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Besides, PFX Financial Professionals LTD is a member of Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). ICF ensures safety of interests of those clients, who file claims against CIF, by paying them compensations, in case if CIF, due to any financial circumstances and if there are no actual prospective for situation to improve in the near future, can not:
  • Return to their ICF-protected clients the funds owed to them, or such funds that belong to clients, but are being held by CIF due to provision of investment services to these clients;
  • Transfer to the ICF-protected clients of the financial instruments owned by them, which are managed by such Cyprus investment firm or held on its accounts;
ICF protection does not cover professional clients or their eligible counterparties, but only retail clients. Total amount of compensation paid to the client of ICF member firm, eligible for ICF protection, may not exceed EUR 20 000, regardless of number of accounts, currency of deposit and location of investment services provision;
According to the Law, ICF doesn’t pay compensations to the following categories of investors:
Institutional and professional investors:
  • Investment firms;
  • Legal entities affiliated with ICF members or those that belong to the same group of companies;
  • Banks;
  • Cooperative credit institutions;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Organizations that offer collective investments into publicly traded securities, and their managerial companies;
  • Social security funds and institutions;
  • Professional investors, under their request in accordance with sections 14 and 15 of the Code of Professional Conduct of investment firms;
  • Countries and international organizations;
  • Central, federal, confederal, regional and local administrative authorities;
  • Enterprises affiliated with ICF members in accordance with Schedule 5 to the Law 144(I);
  • Executive and administrative personnel of ICF member;
  • Shareholders of one of the ICF member firms, whose capital is no less than 5% of the firm’s charter capital, or partners that bear personal responsibility for liabilities of such firm, as well as those individuals who are responsible for execution of financial audit of said company under the Law, i.e. authorized auditors;
  • Investors that participate in enterprises, affiliated with ICF member firms and overall affiliated with the group of companies, to which ICF member firms belong, whose roles and responsibilities are similar to those listed in paragraphs 5 and 6.
  • Second tier relatives and spouses of individuals listed in paragraphs 5, 6 and 7, as well as third parties acting on behalf of such individuals.
Except for investors, listed in subsection 2 section 55 of the Law 144(I), those investors – ICF member firms, who bear responsibility for liabilities, arising from financial difficulties or worsening of ICF member firm’s financial statute, or such investors that gained profit as a result of company’s financial statute worsening.
  • Investors of companies that can’t draw up a balance sheet as set forth in the Company Law or in any relevant law of the European Union Member State due to their size.
  • In case of events listed in paragraphs 2.1 [(5), (6), (7) and (8)], ICF holds up payments to the interested parties with their prior notification until a final decision is made regarding such an event actually taking place.
RISK WARNING: Trading of complex financial products, such as Stocks, Futures, Foreign Exchange ("Forex"), Contracts for Difference ("CFDs"), Indices, Options, or other financial derivatives, on "margin" carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and, therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading these markets, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any questions or doubts. Please carefully read our full "Risk Disclosure" and "Risk Disclosures for Financial Instruments & Investment Services". FXFINPRO Capital is the trading name of PFX Financial Professionals Limited, a limited liability company formed under the laws of Cyprus, registered with the Registrar of Companies in Nicosia, Cyprus, under nr. HE 237840 and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license number 193/13.