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Gold bullions

Gold will always be valued highly, which has long been considered axiomatic. Therefore investing in gold has always been a reliable financial instrument, and investing in gold bullions is the most popular way of investing in precious metals.

The cost of bullions is normally lower than that of coins of similar weight and composition (gold). Their price is expected to increase in the long term, as the resources are gradually being exhausted. However, as with any financial investment, there may be instances in which such gains are not realized and/or losses may be incurred. Please consult the relevant pages on our Website and carefully read the Risk Warnings contained therein.

FXFINPRO Capital offers:

  • Services related to purchasing gold bullions;
  • Gold storage and insurance;
  • Two packages of services, depending on your needs and abilities.

Your benefits:

We transact directly with sellers of gold bullions. You do not overpay and have sufficient security guarantees of your bargains.

Your gold is delivered by the Malca-Amit Company, the biggest operator in the market for sales, storage and transportation of gold.

The Malca-Amit offices are located where gold ore and precious stones are mined and in the world's largest shopping centers where gold and jewelry are sold. The company also has storage facilities for gold bullions in Bangkok, Singapore, London, Geneva, New York, and Zurich. By the way, the storage facility in Singapore is in the duty free trade zone, so the valuables transported by air are placed for storage and taken back without paying any customs duties.

To rent a storage cell costs from $1,300 to $2,800 per year, which is considerably less expensive than to have a properly equipped storage providing the required security at home. And of course, keeping your valuables at Malca-Amit is much more secure than anywhere else, as their storage facilities are equipped with all state-of-the-art security systems. The things you deposit at Malca-Amit will be insured by LLOYD'S, the world's most respected insurance company. The cost of the insurance amounts to 0.2% of the cost of the insured property.

Regardless of the service package you choose, all your transactions with gold and its storage will be arranged directly by us and by companies operating in the market.

If you decide to buy gold bullions, you can place an order in your Personal Profile.

For further information and procedures related to those transactions, we ask you to use our contact information and phone numbers or fill in the form below.

Please click here to consult the Risk Warnings.

You can select one of the following service packages.

€1,995.00 Minimal package consisting of:
  • Comprehensive consulting support;
  • Recommendations on organizational peculiarities of transactions related to purchasing physical gold, according to your needs and goals;
  • Support when organizing the purchasing procedure and preparation of the necessary documents.

Cost not exceeding 2% of the transaction amount, but not less than €2,995.00

A more popular package providing some additional opportunities to our customers:

  • Our representatives directly support your transactions when in process;
  • Your personal manager arranges a meeting for you, provides support when you are purchasing valuables and organizes your travel;
  • You can also have excursions, shopping or leisure time organized for you (to be agreed and paid individually).

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The CIF license of PFX Financial Professionals Ltd has been suspended by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission until the 24th of December 2016. Please click here