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Market astrology: trading by the stars


It's no secret that people's behavior and personality depend to some extent on the time they were born. And knowing yourself and your potential is very important for successful trading, where psychology sometimes plays a leading role. So it's quite plausible that the advice of astrologers can help us improve our trading, even if one shouldn't take the information they provide too seriously...


The character of this sign of the Zodiac is fire in its pure form: everything "catches fire" in Aries's hands. And that includes deals—Aries is so impatient he sometimes closes a profitable trade right at the beginning, when it would be better to wait for a much bigger return. Maximum leverages and deals that risk their whole deposit often make Arians a profit, oddly enough. This sign actually has a very acute feeling for the market: but Arians need to get their impulsivity and impatience under control, to succeed.


Despite the unequivocal associations, representatives of this sign by no means always prefer to trade from "bullish" positions: Taurians are excellent traders in any direction, provided they can manage their incredible stubbornness. It sometimes takes a margin call to convince a Taurian trader he's wrong. On the other hand, consistency and stickability are positive traits in trade. What is more, Venus—which astrologers tell us "rules" Taurus—makes them good account and portfolio managers.


It's no coincidence that the ruler of this sign is Mercury, which is also "responsible" for trading (among other things). Geminis take easily to one of the most important skills for a trader: taking decisions quickly, without long hesitations. You very rarely hang onto loss-making positions, because the ability to analyse information "on the fly" and draw the right conclusions is part of your nature. The thing that hinders you in trading is often your unreliability and lack of punctuality. What is more, Geminis sometimes find it hard to choose when there is a large array of promising possibilities.


For Cancer, very dependent on the Moon, the market isn't the best place to display your many talents. On the one hand, Cancerians' highly developed intuition lets them "sense" profitable deals, and their analytical thinking helps them understand graphs, indicators, etc. On the other hand, though, Cancers can be lazy and prone to panicking, and they hate to take on substantial risk. But if you work properly on the psychological component of your trading, success will not be slow in coming.


The "king of the beasts" keeps his "royal" manner in the market too: he rarely listens to other people's opinions. This quality can be quite valuable in a seasoned trader, but not at all in a novice. Leos who are at the start of their stock market career can lose deposit after deposit as a result of their own self-confidence. Leo wants to be chief of everything—but the market can't be ordered around. So astrologers recommend you to let professionals manage your money: Leos' innate optimism allows them to wait calmly for the results of their investments.


Careful and hard-working Virgos become profit-making traders quite quickly, if they put their minds to it. It is said that representatives of this sign dominate the lists of the world's richest people. Virgo characteristics that help them in trade include their accuracy and attention to detail. Sometimes, however, an excessive pedantry can prove a hindrance. If the market is just a few ticks short of a Take Profit point, a Virgo trader will simply refuse to close their position even if things are obviously on the turn.


Librans are judicious and calm, and cannot easily be drawn into the process of stock market trading. Price movements strike them as pure chaos, and they are depressed by the impossibility of exactly predicting the results of one's actions. A Libran trader will keep hesitating, "weighing" different possible ways events could develop, taking advice from friends and colleagues,—and may end up with no deal at all. Librans need to be more decisive, otherwise they will "miss the bus" when it comes to making deals.


Scorpios have a sea of energy, a fantastic capacity for work, and plenty of confidence in their own actions, all of which helps them in trading just as it does in many other professions. A Scorpio trader won't ask questions and won't take advice: try telling them your opinion, and you'll almost immediately be "shoved" in the opposite direction. Changing a Scorpio's mind is almost impossible—and this stubbornness, although it often brings its rewards, can sometimes lead to substantial losses.


These people make crazy money in places where conservative investors wouldn't dare to go. High volatility is their natural element. Sagittarians make excellent traders, but their main problem is a tendency to become gamblers. They need to keep it under control: treat the market as work, not a game. Otherwise, a Sagittarian can become immersed in trading and end up by losing all their profits—and then what's left of their deposit. Astrologers recommend adopting a less aggressive trading style and refraining from trading on the market without a clear plan.


On the market, as in life, Capricorns always move consistently towards achieving the goals they set themselves. No problem seems to be able to shake their equanimity: "Prices have gone in the wrong direction? Don't worry, it's just a fluctuation, tomorrow the market's bound to turn around!" They know how to learn, and they enjoy it—including learning from their own mistakes. The best trading style for a Capricorn is to make long-range investments: they can squeeze the maximum profit out of this kind of deal.


The most unconventional methods of trading and analysis were probably invented either by or for Aquarians. They often make a profit at moments when most market actors are losing. The symbol of the Aquarian trader is the black swan: and, oddly enough, this helps him to keep afloat even when he obviously has no trading system. At the same time, if Aquarians want to succeed, they must keep combatting their own absent-mindedness and tendency not to be serious—which isn't easy.


Pisceans don't often trade, but when they do, they hit the target. Their calm, judicious personality plus their powerful "in-built" intuition are an excellent combination for a stock market trader. They won't get too nervy, even if they make big losses—which doesn't happen to Piscean traders very often. They're pretty unsinkable: a kind of "feeling for the market" helps them fix both profits and losses at the right time.

Trading "by the stars"—you would think it would be hard to imagine a more absurd method. If you understand the market even a little, you'll hardly make serious deals based on the phases of the moon or the relative positions of the planets. On the other hand, the famous William Gann employed elements of astrology in his trading system, with some success—without, of course, confining himself just to a map of the night sky...

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