Opening accounts, Personal Profile

Trading accounts are opened by FXFINPRO Capital’s Technology office upon client’s request, and they are grouped by market segments:

  • Stock and ETF markets;
  • Futures and options markets;
  • FOREX and CFD

To open an account of any type, you shall follow the link “OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT” in your Personal Profile, select the relevant market segment and fill out the resulting form. This information has a clarifying nature for correct understanding of client’s intentions and markets that he or she wants to trade on, for our specialists. Shall there be any clarifying questions, authorized company representative contacts the client, after which the account is opened. Typically client account is opened within 24 hours. Client receives an e-mail notification about opening of the trading account, and he or she can see that same account inside the trading platform, in a dropdown list of accounts. Client can immediately file a request to transfer funds from the FXFINPRO Wallet to the trading account being opened. Deposit of funds to the trading account may be visible via Personal account interface or via his or her own trading platform.

To withdraw funds from the trading account, Client shall file a request for money transfer, specifying which trading account and to which Wallet such funds are going from.

Client may obtain a report on any of the active accounts from the “Reports” menu of FXFIN Protrader terminal or via “ACCOUNT REPORT” menu in the Personal Profile.

Opening investment accounts (besides client subscription to PAMM-accounts) is also done based on client’s request and assumes execution of a specific procedure. As a result of its completion, all necessary terms and conditions are agreed with the client and an Agreement for a specific investment product is executed. After opening of an investment account of particular type, Client can also see such account in his or her Personal Profile or in FXFIN Protrader terminal. Nature of investment accounts assumes that client is a passive investor, who does not work with such accounts himself. Therefore, investment accounts of all types are available for monitoring via Personal Profile, but are unavailable for trading by client himself. In this case, he or she serves as an overseeing investor.

Client subscription for investment OPENING ACCOUNTS, PERSONAL PROFILE – “How to subscribe for a PAMM-account?”

For personal advise on all current issues, client can always use internal secure chat of FXFIN Protrader platform or official communication channels of FXFINPRO Capital.

In order to invest money into one or more PAMM- INVESTOR SERVICES – “How to select the best ratios from the PAMM-accounts ranking?”

When you have decided to which PAMM-account you would like to subscribe, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Through FXFIN Protrader trading terminal;
  2. Via Personal Profile

When executing subscription through FXFIN Protrader terminal, you need to log into it with your login and password and make the following steps:

  • Select “Account” – “PAMM Ranking” from the menu and open a screen that shows PAMM-accounts ranking.
  • Find the PAMM-account you need, hover the mouse over and activate it. The line of the selected PAMM-account will get activated and change its color.
  • At the top of the ranking page, “Monitor”, “Stats”, and “Join” buttons become active. “Monitor” button allows you to add PAMM account to your monitoring list (“Monitored” button). “Statistics” button allows you to open a screen with detailed characteristics and history of the PAMM, featuring profitability numbers and graphs. “Join” button allows you to subscribe to the selected PAMM account. Clicking the “Join” button opens the next screen – “Join the PAMM-account”.
  • Resulting page “Join the PAMM-account” features the following data:
    • Currency –currency of the PAMM-account;
    • Investment Period – period, for which the PAMM-account is registered (typically, 1 year);
    • Clearing Period – period, which defines the time between the end of the previous investment period and the transfer to the following investment period (typically, 1 day). Overall maximum cycle of investment equals the sum of clearing and investment periods;
    • Initial Share Price – minimum price of entry (amount of share) for subscription to the PAMM-account at this time;
    • From Account – you shall select an account from the dropdown list of your FXFINPRO Wallet accounts, from which you’ll make a subscription to the selected PAMM-account. When selecting an account, its balance is shown at the side;
    • Capital for Investment – here you can select amount of capital to invest, divisible by minimal share;
    • “Reinvest” Box – mark it if you want to automatically reinvest all the capital you invested in this PAMM-account for the following cycle (or several of them);
    • Reinvestment Cycles – You shall select a number of consequent cycles of automatic reinvestment;
    • “Do not Reinvest Profit” box – if you mark this box, after the investment cycle is over subscription will automatically be extended and core amount of your capital will be reinvested. Resulting profits, less managing trader’s fees, will be returned to your FXFINPRO Wallet;
  • When transferring to the next page, you will be offered to double-check the subscription form and confirm your intent and consent by checking the box “I Agree”. After that, your money designated for subscription to a particular PAMM-account will be submitted to such account.

Any PAMM-account with the FXFINPRO Capital system offers its clients an opportunity to quickly subscribe and invest, as well as to quickly close a subscription and withdraw funds from such PAMM-account. To do so, functional model of our PAMM-accounts features a so-called rollover period. It is a period, during which deposit of new funds to the PAMM account from new subscribers takes place, as well as withdrawal of funds to the accounts of those investors, who chose to close their subscription and withdraw funds. It gives an opportunity for investor to withdraw/deposit funds into a particular PAMM-account. In practice, rollover period typically lasts from 1 to 30 days. It depends on a trader, managing a particular PAMM-account, and his or her trading tactics. You can see the length of a rollover period in the “Statistics” session of the selected PAMM-account in “PAMM-accounts Ranking” section. For example, if a rollover period for a particular PAMM-account equals 1 week, that means that all investors’ requests to deposit/withdraw funds are accumulated during a calendar week and get executed during the last working hour of the business week on Friday. Similarly, if a rollover period is set for 1 day, all investors’ requests accumulated during a day are executed during the last working hour of that business day.

To invest via your Personal Profile, you need to login under your username and go to section “ FOR INVESTOR” – “PAMM-account Ranking”

That page shows all active PAMM-accounts in the FXFINPRO Capital system and their ratios. By hovering over the desired PAMM-account, you shall select “Invest into PAMM-account” from the dropdown menu, and you will be forwarded to the special form on the website, similar to the one you can see when subscribing to a PAMM-account using the trading terminal. Then, following the instructions, you will be guided through the entire subscription procedure.

“PAMM-accounts Ranking” page in your Personal Profile also gives you detailed information about terms and conditions, dynamics and results of any PAMM-account. To see it, you shall hover over any line in the ranking table, click on it and select “Show details” from the dropdown menu. This information contains major operating ratios of the PAMM-account and repeats the information, accessible to the client through FXFIN Protrader terminal. You can learn more about it in F.A.Q. section “ INVESTOR SERVICE ” – “How to read statistical ratios from PAMM-account ranking?”

Client account of a “Wallet” type is just a client’s internal cash account, opened with FXFINPRO Capital. It is created for convenience and centralization of all transactions between the client and the company. Client uses such account by making all external transfers from his or her outside accounts to it and vice versa. It significantly lowers the risk of system errors and human factor, when client has many different trading and/or investment accounts, between which the funds are transferred and accounted for. By default, such account is opened for the client at the moment of his or her registration and identity confirmation with FXFINPRO Capital. Wallet account is created so that the client could deposit money into trading or investment programs. When opening an account, client receives a unique ID – identification number visible on “MY PROFILE” page of the Personal account. When FXFINPRO Wallet is created for the client, it has the following form: “XXXXXMAU1”, where XXXXX is a unique client ID, MA means Master account, U stands for currency of the FXFINPRO Wallet (“U” for US Dollar, “E” for Euro), 1 is a consecutive number of your wallet (you may have several). When transferring client’s money from his or her outside accounts to the account, opened with FXFINPRO Capital, this exact account number of the FXFINPRO Wallet must be specified in the “payment reference” section, not any other trading or investment account. Such model allows to increase the level of control, identification and safety of clients’ funds when executing and processing transfers. Transfer of funds to and from the FXFINPRO Wallet can be done via Personal account interface by using designated buttons or dropdown menus in the overall table of client accounts. For example: To add funds to the trading account on the market, money follow the route: Client’s bank account – Client’s cash account (Wallet) – Client’s trading account for stock markets. To withdraw money from any of client’s investment or trading accounts with FXFINPRO Capital, funds shall follow the route: Client’s trading (investment) account – Client’s cash account (Wallet) – Client’s bank account. To transfer money between accounts, they shall follow the route: Trading (investment) account – Cash account (Wallet) – Trading (investment) account or another Wallet. All opened client accounts are available via the Personal account interface as well as from the dropdown menu inside the trading platform itself. And if the client has filed a request for any transaction with his or her FXFINPRO Wallet, deposit or withdrawal of funds can be seen timely via the trading platform. Besides, there is an in-built secure chat inside the trading platform, allowing clients to contact company professionals with any arising questions.
As soon as our client registers his or her Personal Profile and receives access to it, there are massive opportunities for management and monitoring of his or her trading and investment accounts. Columns (left to right) feature the following data: type of account (Demo, Futures, Stock, Forex, Asset Management, PAMM), credit leverage set for specific account (if any), account currency, current balance, account status (actual/demo) and trading platform, on which such an account is accessible ( PRO-FXFIN Protrader, MT-FXFINPRO MT4). Dropdown menu for account types allows you to file a request for deposit/withdrawal of funds, as well as a request to terminate an account, if necessary. You can also deposit funds to the account and change the credit leverage for those accounts that provide for it. Dropdown menu above each column of the table allows you to sort the data display by selected criteria to your liking.“Balance filter” function allows you to only show those accounts, which balances fit the criteria selected with the help of a slider bar. Below the accounts table, there is a small analytics widget in form of a pie chart. It represents the overall condition of client’s actual accounts (not including Demo accounts). When hovering over a particular account, it shows information about its balance and percentage share of this account in the overall account portfolio.
As part of the service that FXFINPRO Capital provides to its customers, we offer the following services:
  • Personal broker (individual maintenance of your trading and investment accounts by your personal manager);
  • Personal risk manager (service for those investors, whose accounts are managed by outside traders);
  • Personal Trader Service (account management service, where FXFINPRO Capital serves as your account manager);
  • FXFINPRO Capital Newsletter (company newsletters, including daily market analysis and weekly bulletin);
  • Hedging (service for professional investors and holders of large portfolio on optimization of risks of loosing profits, exchange risks, risks of commodities price changes in case of actual supplies, etc.);
  • Mirror Trading (an opportunity for our clients to join the service of automatic imitation of transactions made by professional traders);
  • Individual solutions (groups of investment business support services from our reliable partners)
Services can be added manually or automatically. Such services as Exchange Monitoring and FXFINPRO Capital Newsletter are added automatically, as they do not require personal consultation and servicing of individual conditions. MIRROR TRADING automatically sends you to a separate website providing such service. All other services are specific and require determination of individual conditions and personal Agreements. Therefore, client is required to fill application forms on relevant product pages and send these requests to FXFINPRO Capital. You will receive a notification of delivery to your e-mail address, and our manager will contact you within 24 hours.
Personal Profile serves as an important communication function in information and notification exchange, between the client and our company’s technology office. The following options and transactions are available to the client via Personal account:
  • Management and monitoring of all accounts, including any trading, demo and investment accounts;
  • Opening new and additional accounts, needed by the client;
  • Information subscriptions – analytical products and customer newsletters;
  • Control of receipt and withdrawal of funds to and from your Wallet – your personal money account with FXFINPRO Capital;
  • Transfer of funds from your FXFINPRO Wallet to trading and investment accounts, as well as their transfer back to your Wallet;
  • Making requests to set up professional products and services;
  • Opportunity to receive latest updates from personal manager and communicate with company professionals on all current issues;
  • Receipt of reports on accounts
To gain access to the Personal Profile, you shall click here and fill out the required fields. Only minimal information is required, including your e-mail address. Personal account activation letter will be sent to such e-mail, as well as a separate message about opening of the Demo account, containing necessary instructions, login details and URL for installation of the trading platforms. Please note, that there are three access levels within the FXFINPRO Capital trading system and service model, and different logins and passwords for them are required:
  • Login and password to the Personal Profile;
  • Login and password for Demo accounts;
  • Login and password for any types of real accounts (trading and investment)

To open a Demo account, the client is not required to provide any documents. Demo account gives you an opportunity to get to know our service and features of trading platforms. However, both real and demo accounts are always managed and monitored via Personal Profile. Therefore to start working with us, you shall complete the registration and get yourself a Personal Profile. To do so you shall fill out the registration form, providing only minimal information about yourself, including your e-mail address. Notification about opening of the Demo account will be sent to such e-mail, along with the guide on how to install and set up. After registration of your Personal Profile and receipt of Demo account, you can go to your Personal Profile, and find and monitor your Demo account in “MY ACCOUNTS” section.

To open any other type of real accounts you need to go through the full registration and identification procedure. To do so, you shall fill out the relevant forms in your Personal Profile for individual account or for corporate account and attach the required documents. All copies of documents must be notarized.

The following documents are required to open an individual account:

  • Copy of Passport. Document should state personal details (name, surname), signature, issue & expiry dates, place and date of birth, serial number and photograph to be clearly visible. EU Citizens can provide National Identity Card*.
  • Proof of Residency. A recent utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas, water, phone, oil, Internet and/or cable TV connections) or official bank statement (with official bank stamp) issued not more than 3 months ago, confirming your residential address.

*FXFINPRO Capital leaves a right to claim necessary additional documentation from clients if the verification criteria set by the Regulator (CySEC) are not met.

The following documents are required to open a company account:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if the Certificate of Incorporation is dated more than 6 months ago, a Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Incumbency is required, dated less than 3 months ago)
  • Certificate of Registered Address*
  • Certificate of Directors and Secretaries*
  • Certificate of Shareholders*
  • Board Resolutions/Minutes that authorizes to open a trading account, nominating the persons authorized to sign the application documents and nominating the persons authorized to handle the account, mentioning authorization to invest in highly speculative instrument *
  • Power of Attorney (if there is a person who can act on behalf of the Company) *
  • Copy of a Passport or an ID card and Proof of Address (i.e. utility bill) of an authorized person*
  • Passport/ID and Proof of Address (i.e. utility bill) of all shareholders/beneficial owners of the Company*

*The document must be issued not more than 3 months ago.

All requirements regarding quality and structure of client identification documents are strict requirements of regulatory policy; therefore we always ask our clients to be understanding and cooperative.

After inspection and verification of all the client’s documents, a “WALLET” account is opened for him or her. Such an account is used for all monetary transactions, involving transfer and withdrawal of funds between yourself and our company. It is not directly used in client’s trading operations. You can deposit funds to your “WALLET” from your bank or vice versa. Also you can transfer funds from it, into any investment program or trading account for one of the markets. You will also be withdrawing funds from your investment or trading accounts to your “WALLET” account.

No additional documents will be required from you in the future to open other types of accounts, both investment or trading, except for filling out and signing various applications and Agreements, related to specifics of particular instruments and markets (such as Options trading agreement or Discretionary management agreement). Being a verified customer, you will be using your Personal account to file requests to open new accounts, transfer funds between accounts and withdraw money to your bank accounts.

To learn more about types of accounts we open for our clients please go to F.A.Q. section “ General questions about the Company and the Service” – “What types of accounts you open, and what are they for?”

RISK WARNING: Trading of complex financial products, such as Stocks, Futures, Foreign Exchange ("Forex"), Contracts for Difference ("CFDs"), Indices, Options, or other financial derivatives, on "margin" carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and, therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading these markets, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any questions or doubts. Please carefully read our full "Risk Disclosure" and "Risk Disclosures for Financial Instruments & Investment Services". FXFINPRO Capital is the trading name of PFX Financial Professionals Limited, a limited liability company formed under the laws of Cyprus, registered with the Registrar of Companies in Nicosia, Cyprus, under nr. HE 237840 and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license number 193/13.