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Small secrets of the big charisma

Business, and particularly activities related to capital management, constantly throw us into various problems and tasks that need certain leadership qualities to approach. No wonder success in this area comes first of all to charismatic and confident persons. Their outward (and inward, too) openness, confidence and energy literally energize their environment, helping them achieve success in any situation.

The art of being a charismatic leader is not only about taking the right action at the right time, it is also about “packaging” your actions right. Simply put, charisma is part of your outward image. On the other hand, if you look like a confident and energetic person – you will eventually become one.

Simple rules of leadership behavior

Prepare in advance. Uncertainty is just another habit you can (and should) get rid of. Just work on it, tune yourself to a positive key each time you are “going public”. Select whatever you find works best for you: some enjoy intense workout, others prefer meditation and yoga. It may be enough just to hear your favorite song on the radio to get in a positive mood.

Dress to impress. The way you look does affect the way you and your words are treated. The first impression, definitely, is more than just your clothes. It is very important to present yourself properly during the first meeting – introduce yourself, talk about what you do, offer your business card.

Be positive. A smile on your face helps you win in most communication-related situations. However the smile must be sincere – people feel it when you fake your emotions. Be positive, recall pleasant moments of your life as you talk – and you are guaranteed to have that positive aura that makes people trust you.

Position yourself right. The venue of the meeting definitely sets the overall mood. But the position you occupy relative to your partner in conversation is even more important. It’s a fact: if two people are seated on the opposite sides of a table, they find it much harder to agree and much easier to argue. You can sit down next to your opponent or at a right angle – this way the contact will be established much faster.

Listen and ask. It is not easy to be a good listener, particularly if the topic of the conversation is not too relevant for you. Nevertheless, the true leaders will never show their indifference. Nod every once in a while, ask questions. What is more, questions will help you save time.

Mind your intonation. Any leader would benefit from studying rhetoric. For example, your words will sound much more influential if you pause for 2-3 seconds before saying them. And to sound more convincing, lower your intonation when you finish a phrase.

Be concise. Being able to express your thoughts clearly and briefly is something everyone should aspire to. As the first step, you can help yourself by summarizing the main topics of an upcoming conversation on a piece of paper. Of course you should not use this “cheat sheet” during the actual negotiations, as this will ruin your charisma once and for all.

Take the lead. Even the most aggressive opponent can be turned to a positive mood. At first you may have to tune in to the opponent’s style of communication, sending your opponent a subconscious message that you are “of one blood”. Eventually they will start “copying” your intonations and gestures, which will let you create an adequate environment of calm and friendliness.

Be nice. This is of utmost importance – there’s just one step between a leader people follow out of sympathy and a tyrant that manipulates people with intimidation. Don’t forget to demonstrate your kindness and generosity, don’t emphasize your intellectual or financial superiority.

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The CIF license of PFX Financial Professionals Ltd has been suspended by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission until the 24th of December 2016. Please click here